Independent (indəˈpendənt) adj. Free from external control and constraint; able to provide unbiased advice or services

Our captive insurance consulting and management services deliver customized solutions to our clients’ risk financing challenges.


Cedar Consulting LLC Offers a full range of insurance support services for Captives and Risk Retention Groups including Feasibility Studies, Company Formations, Captive Management, Captive Review and Captive dissolution and runoff services.

Feasibility Studies

How do you know if a captive insurance company makes sense for your organization?

Captive Formation

We bring your Captive or Risk Retention Groups to Life

Company Management

Professional Accounting and Management Services for your Captive and Risk Retention Group

Business Plan Review

Business plans need regular reviews to improve efficiany and ensure continued relevancy

What our clients say

We have come to appreciate and respect the professionalism, integrity and ingenuity that Dennis brings to each project. Dennis has a depth of knowledge in the captive arena that can only be achieved through years of on the job experience coupled with the rigor of continuous professional development and immersion in this field.
Chivaroli & Associates Insurance Services
Westlake Village, California
Dennis Silvia and Cedar Consulting are a knowledgeable and reliable insurance consulting resource... My company and I have used them for more than a decade, and we have always found they hold to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. I could not recommend them more highly.
Navin Dadlani
President, Fergus Reinsurance Ltd
Hamilton, Bermuda
Dennis' wide ranging experience helped streamline each of the time consuming steps involved to launch a new insurance company and captive. Since our launch, Dennis has been engaged with Brisk, providing oversight and specific input to help guide the new captive and insurance company through its early years.
Bob Bernatchez
President, Brisk Insurance Company
Burlington, North Carolina


Since 1991 our staff has been perfecting their skills in the captive insurance arena. Our employees have worked for commercial insurance companies that fronted captive programs, for agencies that produced captives and as consultants creating and managing them. Our work has encompassed Pure Captives, Group Captive Programs and Risk Retention Groups.

Perhaps no other captive consulting and management organization is as well-prepared to provide customized services to its clients as Cedar Consulting LLC.

We Value:
  • True consulting services that inform clients about the advantages and disadvantages of a captive insurance program for them, not sales pitches.

  • Partnerships with our client’s agents and brokers, never minimalizing their participation in the insurance program

  • Ground up bespoke captive insurance programs that are never cookie cutter solutions

  • Educated and professional captive management providers.  Our entire staff either hold the Associate in Captive Insurance designation, are on faculty, or currently matriculated in the ICCIE educational program.

  • Giving back to the captive insurance industry. Dennis is on the Board of Directors of VCIA and ICCIE and is a regular speaker at industry events.

Our media

CICA 2006

Dennis Silvia participated as a panelist in the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) International Conference in 2006. The following are audio excerpts from his presentation regarding Group Captive concepts.

(2.2 MB, mp3 format)

Choosing Your Partners

In “choosing your partners” Dennis discusses the importance of carefully selecting your support partners to insure the success of your captive.

(6.3 MB, mp3 format)

Segregated Cell Companies

Segregated Cell Companies have come of age and there are many creative uses for them beyond the scope of “financial protection.” In these excerpts, Dennis discusses some of those creative uses.

(2.2 MB, mp3 format)

Risk Selection

There is nothing magic about the success of Captive Insurance Programs. In this excerpt Dennis discusses risk selection as the key to Group Captive success.

A.M. Best

Dennis has participated in several interviews for A.M. Best (

Play Video

Dennis discusses how captive owners should be careful in setting up microcaptives, often known as 813(b) captives, or risk tax difficulties.

Play Video

In an A.M. Best interview, Dennis discusses recent legislative changes in Cayman and Bermuda.

Play Video

Dennis discusses Bermuda’s efforts to control money laundering with respect to captive insurance.

Play Video

Dennis discusses how Bermuda’s introduction of incorporated cell captives demonstrates its ability to host the global insurers without losing relevance to smaller captive organizations.

Play Video

Dennis discusses how Bermuda is breaking the mold among mature domiciles by showing a willingness to develop speedy new approaches for the introduction of new products and risk-focused technologies.


The consultant would assign & supervise the work of the alternative risk analyst

The ideal candidate will possess excellent analytical, verbal and writing skills as well as proficiency in the use of spreadsheet and word processing software applications.

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